updated 17 August 2019 

In response to requests from customers we attach here separate listings on particular themes - click on the underlined phrase to download: ordering is as usual through our contact form - just make a list:

New offering:  Transport medal - aviation, railways download pdf August 2019

 Commemorative medals miscellany download pdf  August 2019

Ron Dutton - contemporary medals in bronze  - landscapes, abstracts and meerkats

All the medals here you can buy now. These are 19th and 20th century medals both European and British, plus a few contemporary pieces.
We also sell at coin fairs, on eBay (as simmonsgallery) and direct to customers as well as via our mailbid auctions.

To browse the online catalogue to your left,  either click on the thumbnail image to view larger image or use the arrows to right and left of the photos to browse.  If you wish to see an even larger image, please use the zoom + facility on your browser.  On the contact form simply list the titles of the medals you're interest in if you would like more than one.

Ron Dutton - contemporary medals in bronze November 2017 - landscapes, abstracts and meerkats