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Closed 24 August 2016
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Tied bids are indicated by bold type and italics - if you were very late in sending in your bid you are unlikely to have won a tied bid.

As usual any unsolds marked 0 in the second column are available on a first come first served basis - see the pdfs below for illustrations of lots.
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note: Lot 60 is W1565 for a Double Joe not as reference no. in catalogue.

Illustrated catalogue in number order for download:
British Coin Weights lots 1-100
British Coin Weights lots 101-187
Non-British Coin Weights lots 188-288
Bullion and Trade Weights lots 289-301
Scales and balances, boxes for scales lots 302-315
Ancient and other weights  lots 316-333
Contemporary forgeries lots 334-end

A few books and catalogues on weights and scales fixed prices