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MB81 - Closes on 04-May-2017

MB81 Auction of Tokens, Tickets and Passes
Bids by Wednesday 4 May 2017 at 12 noon BST

Online catalogue live (see buttons left)
Please note that there is no buyer's commission, starting price is the first reserve price in the catalogue.
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Lots 1-123 A collection of tobacco tokens and other British tokens 
Lots 124-224  Tickets and Passes
Lots 225-340 Pub tokens, clubs and refreshment tokens
Lots 341-477  Market tokens of Birmingham, London and Glasgow
Lots 478-553  Value stated checks, Masonic and countermarked tokens
Lots 554-665  Church communion tokens
Lots 666-793  Foreign overseas tokens A-G
Lots 794-end  Foreign overseas tokens H-Z
Text only catalogue download here

Online bidding - just like a shopping basket
Select lots by clicking on the underlined lot number which produces a larger image and BID button.  Click to select but don't enter your bid just yet.  The form remembers your selection of lots so you can go on browsing and 'shopping' for lots. Only when you've selected all your lots enter your bids. This way you enter your contact details only once (otherwise you end up sending us multiple forms). You can delete any lots you don't want to bid on so add as many as you like.  Remember NO BUYER'S PREMIUM! and we always reduce bids to 10% over your rival's or to the reserve if you're the only bidder.  So, BID HIGH and BID EARLY please!

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