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Our next auction will be MB82 HISTORICAL & CONTEMPORARY ART MEDALS on 28 September 2017, catalogue and illustrated sections on the Medals Auction page.  Online bidding system is active - or use the downloadable pdfs on the page and send bidding form. 
While it may seem we have an endless supply of BAMS medals this is not the case!  We just have been lucky enough to have consigned many of the scarce early medals, including a very nice Chadwick Diamond and Nigel Hall's Bronze Shoal. There's a selection of Ron Dutton bronze art medals, many of them from his early period and rarely seen, but some more recent works too.  On the historical side, we include a collection of medals relating to Cheshire and Lancashire, of interest to local history collectors.  As usual our overseas offering is mainly European and strongly French, including several abstract bronzes along with Art Nouveau and Deco medals.

The TOKEN and WEIGHTS AUCTION MB83 is online now closing for bids on 25 October. This time we're including a run of coin weights too. Also check out our offerings of all things numismatic including coins on eBay under simmonsgallery.
 Contact us via the website or email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.  
Consignments for all our auctions of tokens, medals, weights and scales wanted, also direct purchase of coins and all things numismatic.

Simmons Gallery Medal Auction 28 September 2017
Token Auction 
25 October 2017
London Coin Fair,
 at the Holiday Inn Coram St, London WC1
2017 dates: 2 September, 4 November
Bloomsbury Hotel Coin Fair first Saturday of the month when no London Coin Fair;  Great Russell St, London WC1 
BNTA Coinex 22-23 September 2017, Millennium Hotel, London W1
Token Congress:
 6-8 October 2017, Warwick Hilton
ISASC Study Day 8 October 2017