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Our next auction MB80 will be soon online featuring 19th-21st century medals, including pieces from the studio archive of engraver Philip Nathan, and from the archive of Charles Neal & Sons, token and medal makers.  As usual there's a good selection of BAMS medals plus more art medals from around the world.  Date of the sale is 29 March 2017.
Token auction MB81 is also in preparation, provisional date set first week in May.
Consignments for all our auctions of tokens, medals, weights and scales wanted, also direct purchase of coins and all things numismatic.

London Coin Fair, at the Holiday Inn Coram St, London WC1
2017 dates: 3 June, 2 September, 4 November
Bloomsbury Hotel Coin Fair first Saturday of the month when no London Coin Fair;  Great Russell St, London WC1
BAMS congress 21-23 April 2017 Carmarthen
Historical Medallion Congress - study day
20 May 2017, Warwick Hilton
Token Congress: first weekend in October 2017