Welcome! Coins, medals, tokens, weights and scales can all be found for sale here.  Some are buy-it-now, some are from our regular postal-style auctions.  Just click on the word links above and choose either fixed price or auction to see what's on offer.  To return to the home page, click on Simmons Gallery logo. Dates for coin fairs and congresses are posted on this page, while feature articles and other news can be found on  our new Simmons Gallery blog or on Facebook.  
Our current auction is the Modern and Contemporary Medal sale, 1900 to the present day which closed on 16 December. The catalogue is online on the Medals Auction page and you can download both MB69 text and photos here.   Prices realised available on the Medals Auction page and unsolds (marked 0 in the prices realised) can be purchased at the first price marked in the catalogue, first come, first served.

The general token sale will now be on 10 February 2015 (catalogue online in December) as we have only just received a major consignment, the Macmillan collection of Scottish tokens.  We are starting with the 18th century farthings and halfpennies, mostly covered by the listing in Dalton and Hamer.  It's pretty much comprehensive especially in the range of lead tokens of the period and a great opportunity for collectors. There is also a strong foreign token section including plantation tokens from British North Borneo and Sumatra. 
Dates for your diary: 
London Coin Fair, 7 February 2015 at the Holiday Inn Coram St, London WC1, also 6 June & 5 Sept 2015
Bloomsbury Hotel Coin Fair first Saturday of the month when no London Coin Fair, next date 6th December, in Great Russell St, London WC1
Harrogate Coin Fair, Old Swan Hotel, 20-21 March
BAMS Congress St Andrews 10-12 April 
Historical Medallion Study Day, Warwick Hilton, 11 July
York Coin Show at the racecourse,  10-11 July
also RNS/BNS York study day 11 July
Coinex 2015 Millennium Hotel, London W1, 25-26 September
International Numismatic Congress Taormina, Sicily 21-25 September
Paris SNEPP Bourse (now only once a year) 26 September
Token Congress Newbury 2-4 October Newbury Hilton